Jet Set Travel Large Crossbody Gold

Michael Kors is a brilliant American fashion designer. I love his urban yet feminine style. His bag designs are convenient for the modern woman who needs a stylish and helpful bag. I love his variety of styles, colors and textures. Most importantly I love how there is a price range for his bags which covers everyone; there are cheaper options and more expensive ones. Looking for an elegant and stylish bag, one that I can wear on a daily basis and that goes with all my clothes, I came across Michael Kors’s Jet Set Travel crossbody bag. I tend to prefer the crossbody design because I want my hands to be free when I am around and the strap has to be long enough so it won’t bother me while walking. Also I believe a crossbody bag is not as easy to be stolen from you as a tote, for instance.

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Jet Set Travel Large Crossbody Navy

The Jet Set Travel crossbody bag is a very simple bag; it is basically one space and opens up with a simple zipper. The design is kind of rectangular and has the name of the designer in gold letters on the front. Inside, the bag has some pockets which are helpful for placing your phone and cards, so you won’t just throw them in the bag and take ages to find them. I got the large size because the small one is simply too small. It is like a clutch and it can only fit my phone, keys and cards; not my entire wallet or anything else I like to carry with me when I am out. Plus the price of the two sizes is almost the same with the larger one only 20-30 $ more expensive. So why not go bigger right? The star is very long and it does give you some extra space to puncture a few more holes if you need it to be a bit longer, like I do. It comes in two different leathers: the regular, soft one (blue color) and the Saffiano one (god color). The Saffiano leather is sturdier, tougher and less flexible. It also gives a shiny look to the respective color. I do like both types of leather but truth to be told, the Saffiano’s lack of flexibility, sometimes makes it hard to squeeze in that extra little something. I got the bags at 165 Euros which I don’t consider that much for the quality I receive, and the wearability of the bag itself. Since I got them both, they are the only ones I use when going out day and night. To be honest I love the gold one a little more and it just seems to match every piece of clothing I own. I love that it jazzes up any outfit effortlessly.

I would definitely recommend this bag not only for the daytime but for the nighttime as well. For everyday use it just has the perfect size; it fits my wallet, phone, eye glasses case, keys and hand wipes. All these are my essentials, but it also fits a couple of makeup bits like a lipstick and a small perfume, and even my phone charger. I really love this bag! And for the nighttime, although it is not a clutch bag, it is perfect for when standing in a crowded bar with your drink at hand. It is a lovely, stylish crossbody bag, made of good quality materials, at an affordable price. What more can you ask from the perfect casual bag? Comment down below and share your favorite everyday bag! Also, let’s connect through Instagram (@vogueandmacarons) and Twitter (@vogueandmcaron)!


Till next time take care dolls 😉

Vicky xx

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