I love lipsticks! It is something I have mentioned before in many posts. From all the makeup products available, lipsticks are my absolute favorite, because a lipstick is basically the only thing you need to achieve an eye-catching makeup look. If you are lazy like me and you don’t really feel like going all the way on a daily basis with your makeup, a lipstick is the perfect way to create an effortless and simply put-together look. If you are in a hurry, just put on some lipstick and bam you are ready to go! One of my favorite lipsticks color is red. I don’t really need to talk much about why, since red is the most iconic and classic color. It is a color you can wear any time of the day and season of the year because of its many different shades. You have bright red, burgundy, brick-red, orange-red, berry red, blue red and the list goes on. There is literally a shade that compliments every different skin and hair color combination. Because red is such a staple color, I couldn’t but have a bunch of them. Don’t forget that I am a lipstick hoarder 😉 Here I share with you guys my top 5 favorite red shades of lipstick and why I like each of them.


Russian Red – MAC

This was my first red lipstick and obviously it has a special place in my heart. It is a vivid red with blue undertones, which give a cool hue to it. It is matte, which is my favorite finish, and I love wearing it all the time. Like literally all the time. I am quite pale and I feel that it really works for me. It is perfect for all year round as it is a quite standard shade of red.

Audrey – NARS

This is part of NARS’s audacious collection. I absolutely love this lipstick, because although it has a creamy, hydrating feel, once applied it dries matte. It is a beautiful red shade with a hint of pink to it. It is darker than Russian Red and deeper. I love this shade for the cold winter weather, as it is between burgundy and berry shades. Also the formula of this lipstick is simply insane; moisturizing and non-drying matte. What else can I ask for?!

Dashing – Marc Jacobs

I got this lipstick as part of the Christmas holiday Sofia set. I was longing to try the famous Marc jacobs lipsticks and boy was I not disappointed! All of the lipsticks feel amazing on my lips due to their formula. Although they are creamy and not matte, they are very steady and long-wearing. This is a beautiful deep but not dark, shade of red. This is the red I imagine the old Hollywood stars would wear. A beautiful shade for all year round and in my opinion it looks flattering on everyone. It is not a eye-catching shade, but a subtle yet sexy one. I really love it!

Cruella – NARS

Another NARS favorite, this is not your traditional lipstick. Instead it is a lip pencil you can apply on the entire lip. It has a velvet feel and it really glides on the lips. It has a quite matte finish but non-drying. I got it as a birthday present from Sephora and I was really excited because I have seen so many positive reviews on NARS velvet lip pencils and especially this shade. I am in love with it. I am actually contemplating buying the regular size, even though I still haven’t finish this one. It is darker than the previous shades. It doesn’t have a pink or blue hue, but more like a deep scarlet red. Another shade I would wear all the time. Also very easy to apply because of the pencil form.

Avenue – ColourPop

My top 5 would not be complete without a ColourPop lipstick. This one is an Ultra Matte one, which means that even though it comes in a lipgloss form, it is a liquid lipstick that dries completely matte. This is actually the mattest of them all. It dries immediately but it doesn’t dry the lips at all. It is completely matte and so lightweight you forget you have something on your lips. Also it is very long-lasting and the cheapest of them all. The shade is a beautiful deep red cherry red. It is the closest from the shades to burgundy, therefore I prefer wearing it in the winter and fall. I love wearing it in the nighttime for a sexy, sultry look but I believe it is appropriate for all day long. I have a review on the ColourPop lipsticks where I share my thoughts about them extensively.

A red lipstick is a staple makeup product. It comes in many shades and types of finish and there is a right one for every woman. It makes any look sexier and more polished. Above I shared my 5 favorite ones which I love wearing all the time; day or night, winter or summer. I really don’t care about the Dos and Donts when it comes to my red lipstick, but instead I wear whatever makes me feel good. Comment down below and share your favorite red lipsticks. Also don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram (@vogueandmacarons) and Twitter (@vogueandmacaron).

Till next time take care dolls 😉

Vicky x

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