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Although it is already November, hence the end of Fall, up until now it was quite warm and summery in Greece. However, this didn’t stop me from enriching my shoe wardrobe with a few new pairs from ASOS that I simply fell in love with. Every new season, is an excuse to change my wardrobe and freshen it up a little by adding a few new pieces. This Fall I went a little overboard and practically raided the shoe section of ASOS site. My birthday 10% code only fueled my addiction. Although I picked a couple of black ones, as black is my favorite color and a staple one, this time I decided I needed a bit of a change and I went outside my comfort zone for once by picking some – surprise!!! – colorful shoes as well.

My choices were mostly inspired by some major fall-winter trends we saw on the catwalk and by my practical side as well. Therefore, I tried to combine the cool new trends with staple pieces. I am not a huge fan of heels; I do not wear them often, especially on my day ventures. On the contrary I absolutely love flats; from loafers and ballerinas to sneakers and ankle boots. Therefore, all my choices are completely flat shoes.


The first shoes I picked and fell in love with, are these lovely black ballerinas, with ankle straps. They are super comfortable and versatile; I can wear them with dresses, skirts and jeans, creating many looks for daytime and nighttime. These ballerinas are part of my slight obsession with the Miu Miu ones, inspired by the actual shoes for ballet dancing. Everyone can admit that these Miu Miu flats are one of the hottest shoes of this season. Since their price is a bit out of my range, I was on the lookout for a good, yet cheap dupe. Once I saw these shoes I simply fell in love with them. Very lovely!






Another major trend of the season – and we have Gucci to thank for – is the good old loafer. This style is a good alternative for the ballerina flats, but it adds a bit more masculinity and structure to a look. I never really went after this style but in the spirit of change and experimentation, this Fall I decided to get my hands on a few pairs of loafers. To be precise I got three pairs. I know it sounds a bit too much but in my defense they were quite cheap (plus the discount code); I simply couldn’t resist. I got a lovely black one for every day (staple and favorite color), a leopard one, which I believe is also quite a staple piece since it goes well with everything but adds a little something to a casual look, and lastly a silver one (getting out of my comfort zone here). Metallic shades are one of my favorite trends of this season, because I feel that they can glam up any look, from a simple pair of jeans with a jumper, to a cute mini skirt with a shirt.


Another pair of flats that caught my attention is this pair of pink, satin flats with a cute black bow. Now if this isn’t outside my comfort zone I don’t know what is. This pair is life! I love how it is made of satin, a luxurious fabric, which is why these shoes are my fancier, yet comfortable choice. The bow and pink color just add a girly vibe to it which makes this pair a perfect addition to my collection, since I don’t have enough girly shoes or clothes.


Last but not least, there is another pair of black flats. These shoes are beautiful, pointy, black flats with ankle straps and studs. Spikes and studs add a rock, badass vibe to a plain pair of shoes, which is something I absolutely love. These specific ones also remind me of the Valentino Rockstud flats, which are gorgeous, yet outside my price range. I believe that the ASOS ones come pretty close and in such a low price. Pair them with some jeans and jumper and a leather jacket for a total 80’s rock look.

On a sidenote, although I am a UK 8 size, on ASOS most shoes are rather small for me so I always go for a size UK 9 just to make sure it fits. So all the shoes mentioned above were a size 9 apart from the last pair which is a size UK 8 because it runs rather big. Like really big. Also my animal print loafers were a bit big, but I sticked with the size 9 anyways, because they have a pointy tip, and pointy shoes turn to squeeze my poor toes. All of the shoes are quite comfy, but the black and silver loafers, as well as the ballerinas, are really, really thin. It doesn’t bother me, but be aware that they are quite thin shoes compared to the rest. Lastly, the ones with the bow are very sturdy and a bit tight around my foot, probably because of the satin material.

I absolutely love each and every one of the shoes I picked in the past month. With my black and colorful flats I feel more than ready for this season. All I can say is: THANK YOU ASOS!!

Vicky xx

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