Left to right: Miu Miu (net a porter), 3.1. Phillip Lim, Miu Miu (net a porter), Gianvito Rossi (neiman marcus)
Left to right: Miu Miu (net a porter), 3.1. Phillip Lim, Miu Miu (net a porter), Gianvito Rossi (neiman marcus)

Autumn has always been my favorite season; I like the gloomy feeling that takes over when the leaves begin to fall. The chilly and rainy weather is a signal to a change of wardrobe. Coats, boots and jumpers take the place of shorts, t-shirts and sandals. New trends, with new must pieces appear and this just gets me too excited. Apart from all the coats, jeans and dresses, something that has really caught my eye this season, are all the new catwalk shoe trends. From heels to flats, there is something for every taste and every occasion. The 90’s is the biggest influence this fall, with velvet, loafers and mules ruling the catwalk. I can’t wait to try on some of this season’s key fashionable pieces. Inspired by the catwalk and all of my favorite high-end brands, here are some of my favorite shoe trends for Fall 2016.

Rock Ballet flats

Left to right: Valentino, ZARA, Miu Miu
Left to right: Valentino (mytheresa), ZARA, Miu Miu (neiman marcus)

We all love ballet flats. They are my favorite shoes to wear on a daily basis, as they are stylish and comfortable. This year these all-time classic shoes are being revamped. From Miu Miu and Valentino, to Zara and ASOS, studs, spikes and buckles are added to spicen up those girly shoes. A casual everyday outfit can instantly get edgier and fiercer with a pair of these puppies!

Pointy Loafers

Left to right: ASOS, Victoria Beckham, ASOS
Left to right: ASOS, Victoria Beckham (elle magazine), ASOS

Loafers are another very popular type of flat shoes. I love the masculine and feminine dynamic of this style. This year’s loafers get a quite pointy tip, pointy enough to rip your way through the list with the most stylish fashionistas out there. Victoria Beckham’s beautiful black loafers with a middle buckle are a perfect way to sharpen up any look, from professional work outfit to simple casual streetwear. Inspired from the runway, ASOS and Topshop have some beautiful pointy loafers as well, in monochrome and “pony hair” or even with that middle buckle!

Pointe Ballet Flats

Left to right: Marni, Miu Miu, ZARA
Left to right: Marni (net a porter), Miu Miu (net a porter), ZARA

As mentioned before, ballet flats are probably the most popular style of flats. They are the “IT” shoe of this season, in more than one ways. This Fall designers took the ballerina part a little more literally and created some beautiful, pointe inspired shoes, by adding the trademark ribbons that tie around the leg. Weather you choose ASOS and ZARA or more high-end options like Miu Miu and Marni, all girls can feel like ethereal ballerinas this Fall.

Slipper Mules

Left to right: ASOS, ZARA, ASOS
Left to right: ASOS, ZARA, ASOS

Another huge trend of this season are the mule slipper-loafers. They are your basic loafers but with a twist: they are backless (so basically they are mules). It is actually a combination of slipper-loafers and mules. There is no need to mention how comfortable these shoes are and what a casual vibe they give to an outfit. Their variety is huge, from Gucci’s leather mule loafers to ASOS’s and Topshop’s brocart ones, these shoes are perfect for when you don’t feel like leaving your bed in the morning.

Crushed Velvet

Left to right:
Left to right: ASOS, 3.1 Phillip Lim, TOPSHOP

Velvet is one of my favorite types of fabric because if this soft, luxurious feel. This year, with the 90’s trends making a comeback, velvet is one of the hottest trends, not only in clothes but also in shoes. From Phillip Lim’s crushed velvet boots to ASOS’s velvet ballet flats and TOPSHOP’S velvet ankle boots, the choices are many; so pick your pair and get that 90’s vibe on!

Golden Glam

Left to right: ASOS, Gianvito Rossi, ZARA
Left to right: ASOS, Gianvito Rossi (neiman marcus), ZARA

One of my personal favorite shoe trends for Fall 2016 is the golden glam. Golden boots, ballerinas and loafers, without gems or even with gems so we can be a little over the top! And why not? Why not glam up our wardrobe with some precious metal-colored shoes? The simplest and most casual outfit can look like a million bucks with a pair of beautiful golden shoes. I am just so in love with this trend! From ZARA and ASOS flats to Coach and Gianvito Rossi boots, they all look pretty amazing! I know I am definitely adding one or two of these pairs to my collection! What about you?

Block Heel Ankle Boots

Left to right: Public Desire, Chanel, ZARA
Left to right: Public Desire (asos), Proenza Schouler (vogue magazine), ZARA

Ankle boots are hardly a new trend, however, this season designers have paired them with a block heel in a contrast color to spicen up that classic favorite. The shoe could be leather or suede with a metallic heel like the beautiful monochrome Proenza Schouler ones, or with a perspex heel like these cute Public Desire ankle boots. I love how much fun and how bold a simple pair of everyday ankle boots could get just because of that special heel. I believe these shoes are perfect for a casual day out as well as a day at the office. Who said workwear can’t be fun?

I can’t wait for autumn to arrive already so I can incorporate all these amazing trends to my wardrobe. I love each trend although my favorites are the two ballerina ones. I love wearing ballerinas all the time because of their comfort and of how stylish and timeless they are. I would love to know which one is your favorite shoe trend for this fall; the one you can’t wait for!

Vicky xx

Images from the respective sites if not differently stated

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