Blossoming flowers are spring’s trademark. Whenever I think of spring or summer, my mind fills up with images of beautiful flowers in many bright colors. In fashion, Florals is the trend that embodies the very essence of spring and summer. I know that, as Miranda Priestly remarked in Devil Wears Prada, Florals are not the most groundbreaking spring trend; if anything they are an expected one. However, there would be no spring fashion without any Florals. Just because something is expected it doesn’t mean it is ordinary and uninteresting. I love Florals because they add a girly vibe to an outfit.  This year, designers have added their own romantic twist to this old trend by creating more delicate patterns, which in turn add femininity to a look. From clothes and shoes to jewelry and accessories, this season’s Florals have a more romantic, ethereal and playful twist. Below are some of my favorite ways to add some flowers to your spring/summer wardrobe.

Tops and Jackets

Match a floral top to a pair of jeans or shorts for the perfect fresh, casual look. Add a floral jacket and spice up even the simplest outfit.



A floral skirt or a pair of floral shorts are another way to add a spring inspired, girly touch to a casual outfit. Match them with one-color tops for a more balanced look or with patterned ones for the bolder souls.


Dresses and Playsuits

For those who dream of walking in the Garden of Eden, the best choice would be an all-floral outfit, like a beautiful dress or a sexy romper.


Shoes and Accessories

If you don’t want the floral pattern to have a strong place in your look but a more discreet one, you can add a few touches with a beautiful floral bag, a pair of killer blossoming shoes or even a nice flower-inspired piece of jewelery. Viva the accessories ladies!


Beautiful floral prints on shoes, tops, skirts and dresses, are one of the most popular trends for this season. I love wearing a flower inspired piece with a pair of jeans for a casual yet ultra feminine look. I am in love with all the pieces above; I even have some like the wonderful off-the-shoulder ZARA top and they cute New Look playsuit. What are your favorite floral pieces? Also don’t forget to hit me up on my Instagram (@vogueandmacarons) and Twitter (@vogueandmacaron). I would love to hear from you guys!

Till next time take care dolls 😉

Vicky xx

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